January 22, 2019 3 min read

7 Reasons to Add Heated Apparel to Your Winter Wardrobe

by James De Roche

How to Stay Warm While Enjoying Winter

Winters may be getting colder across the country. But gone are the days when we are at the mercy of wicked weather. Now, with electric jackets, gloves, and even shoes, people all over the country are embracing the cold. If you’re on the fence about adding heated apparel to your wardrobe, then here are 7 reasons why you should change it up and explore the benefits of wearing heated clothing.


1. Heated Jackets are safe

People always want to know if heated clothes will catch fire, melt, or shock you when you wear them. That’s not the case. Electric heated clothing is designed to be safe with layers of insulation and plastics that protect the wearer. But most importantly, the battery simply isn’t powerful enough to do any damage. You’d actually get more of a shock from licking a 9V battery.


2. Heated clothes will keep you warm on your nights out

If you’re going out on the weekend or after work, the 4 – 6-hour battery life of heated apparel will keep you cozy through the night. Whether you’re grabbing drinks after work or enjoying weekend winter festivities, you won’t need to worry about cold, windy weather ruining your plans.


3. You’ll be able to enjoy winter with heated apparel

Don’t stay inside waiting winter to end. You don’t need to be miserable during colder months. With battery heated clothes, you’ll stay warm while hitting up the slopes, going fat tire biking, or even enjoying one of the many winter beer festivals. And when summer finally rolls around, you can slip into a heated coat as you hike to the top of your next 14er.


4. Heated clothes will help you get more out of winter

Even for those who love winter, some days are simply colder than others. But with a wardrobe of heated clothing, you can stay out longer even on the coldest days. Having heated sportswear means you can grab a few extra runs on the slopes or a longer walk around one of the many local parks, all without needing to rush inside to heat up.


5. An electric jacket will help defend you against hypothermia

Hypothermia often occurs after exposure to severe cold. However, the CDC points out that even on a cool day, someone can suffer from hypothermia. The risk increases the longer you’re exposed to colder temperatures. Using a heated coat or electric gloves to keep you warm will help lower your risk of hypothermia, keeping you safe.


6. Stay warm and stylish with heated clothes

Whether you buy a heated base layer shirt, gloves, or even heated insoles, you’ll have access to several sleek styles. Heated insoles can fit into any type of shoes, and heated gloves are just as stylish as normal gloves, except they keep you warm. And while there are some heated jackets on the market with the heaters built into them, with a removable jacket heater, you can move the heating element from jacket to jacket, staying both stylish and warm.


7. Heated clothes are durable

While you want to be careful about washing some types of heated clothing, the materials used in them are built to last. Be aware that many types of heated clothing do need to be hand washed, so avoid putting them in the washing machine. But you can always get a removable jacket heater for winter clothes that need regular washing. That way you can easily remove the heating element before you clean it. 


Choose the best heated clothing on the market

If you want to step out into the winter and enjoy the colder months even more, then you need heated apparel. It’s as simple as adding a Torch coat heater to any one of your jackets. Once fitted inside, you’ll be able to embrace all winter has to offer. Check out our full heated clothing line to see what other stylish products we have to offer. And remember: stay warm out there. 

 Written by James De Roche

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