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Are you that person that's always cold? Even when you have a scarf, hat, and gloves on at home? Or perhaps not at home but work because your office is connected to just one thermostat? Maybe you are a vampire, perhaps you are a cold-hearted person, or maybe you need a few essentials for people that are always cold.

Freezing cold at home in hat and scarf

Turn the Heating on and Keep It On

Most people are lucky enough to have heating systems available in their homes. But while cheap homes are great in terms of pricing but they are also often cheaply built and not great at keeping heat in.

If you want to stay warm, you might have to keep your heating on. Otherwise, your house will be cold, and that will keep you cold.

A great thing to do would be to invest in the right insulation for your home so that the heat that enters your house doesn't leave it as easy as it does right now.

Companies like Dyson also produce air heaters that you can place around yourself to stay warm which might also be a good heating solution. It's especially a good heating solution when in an office where you can't control the temperature. Most of these kinds of heaters also have coolers built in which is something to look for if the temperature in your place of work is never consistent.

Dyson hair dryer essentials for people that are always cold

Although they can be pretty pricey.

Get Hydrated

Essentials for people that are always cold don't necessarily always include fancy tech. The key is to find a way to be warmer. And staying hydrated might help you with that.

drinking water essentials for people that are always cold

An enormous amount of the human population is without water daily due to the lack of access to it. If you are reading it, you probably do have access to it. But you aren't using it.

Up to 75% of Americans are dehydrated. Actually, that's not true. The Internet is great at providing facts that don't link to any studies at all. The only article linking back to that figure goes back all the way to 1998, and to be using such old studies is ridiculous in this instance. 

Either way, people are dehydrated, and it just happens that 60% of the adult human body is essentially water. And that water in our bodies helps regulate the temperature of our bodies. If you have less water in your body, you are more sensitive to colder temperatures. Your dehydration might be making you feel cold.

Are you drinking enough water?

Get Heated Clothing 

The thing about clothing is that it does not generate heat. It merely prevents you from losing heat faster by trapping air between your skin and the fabric.

Heated clothing on the other side generates heat. We do have a whole post about heated clothing so make sure to check it out but to put briefly, heated clothing is clothing that generates heat. 

Our Torch 2.0 Coat Heater is an example of such clothing except that Torch 2.0 is actually the first coat heater that is removable. And because it is, you can use also use it with your jumper or nightgown.

Torch 2.0 putting on. Removable. Velcro pad. Essentials for people that are always cold.

Torch 2.0 heats up to 135°F or 57°C. That's a lot of heat that you would not otherwise be able to produce.

It comes with a portable charger which is what powers it.You connect it to your Torch 2.0. You then attach the device to your coat or such via a Velcro pad. Of course, you then need to turn it on. Once you do, you stay warm. It's that simple.

How does it work? The product has tiny wires sewn in. These wires heat up and keep you warm.

Looking at Torch 2.0 Coat Heater.  Essentials for people that are always cold.

One might wonder if that's safe. It is. You will never be in contact with the wires but even if you are then our battery has a safety feature and will turn off. And even then, the portable charger used with Torch 2.0 is not powerful enough to put your health in danger.

We also have heated gloves and heated insoles, although, you probably won't be that cold in those areas when at home. Or you might, you never know.

And the great about using heated clothing is that it's extremely cheap. Insulation costs. It can cost several thousand depending on the size of your home of course. Heated clothing? It costs about 1/10th of a cent to charge your battery. Of course, your location matters but it will still be around that price. That's less than $4 for a full year of using heated when using it for 2.5 hours on the maximum setting. That's a price of a Starbucks. Heated clothing is one of the essentials for people that are always cold but also on the budget. 

And when it comes to being at work, temperatures change a lot depending on what room you are.  Sometimes you can be too cold. Sometimes you can be too warm. With heated clothing, you can add heat to your body when you need it and remove it when you don't.

Go to a Doctor

Go to a doctor. Essentials for people that are always cold.

Sure, maybe it's your home that's cold. Maybe you are just an extra cold person. Or maybe there's something wrong with you and you being cold is a symptom. It might not be the case, but it's better to go to a doctor and get checked out just in case.

This is one of the essentials for people that are cold but also an essential for everybody. You should go to a doctor regularly. 

These Essentials for People That Are Always Cold Should Keep You Warm

Turn your heating on and invest in better insulation or get an air heater. Stay hydrated. Get heated clothing. 

If this advice does not help you stay warm, go to a doctor, going might save your life.

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Written by Michael Smolski.

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