July 31, 2016 2 min read

Let me introduce to you one of the bravest and most inspirational people I have had the privilege to talk to; Lynette Trott!  The ultimate climbing achievement is to reach the top of Everest and that is exactly what she plans to do.  

I first met Trotty through our Indiegogo campaign when she messaged me asking very specific questions about Torch.  She asked about the weight of Torch (4oz), the weight of the battery (4oz), how quickly the battery can be changed out (in seconds) and then she asked me about how the battery performs at high altitude.  I responded with how lithium ion batteries will perform fine at high altitude and that the performance of the battery is more closely related to the cold temperature experienced at high altitudes, as colder temperatures tend to deplete lithium ion batteries quicker.  After a few more messages I checked out her website and realized what she meant by "high altitude!"  

She was training to make the highest climb known to man!!  Everest!!  That night I watched the movie Everest and got so excited I could barely stand it, so we decided to sponsor Trotty on her trip.  This is yet another grand adventure that we can't wait to follow.  She is also going to be launching a crowdfunding campaign that we will keep everyone up to date on.  She is also climbing for a great cause called "Because I am a Girl" which is global movement driven by Plan International to transform power relations so girls everywhere can learn, lead, decide and thrive.  You can join their movement HERE.

Trotty will be blogging about all of her training and we are going to follow along.  In fact, we can't wait to see her progress!!  Here is a her first blog entry introducing us as new honorary members of Team Trotty.

"Meet Team Trotty Part I | Way to Everest Part I: Memories of cold fingers TORCHed! Written by Lynette Trott.  View the original post HERE."

"Today I'd like you to meet the newest members of Team Trotty. Drum roll please. Bringing an International flavour, all the way from Phoenix, Arizona, Torch's Anthony DeVito, Luke Cesarz and Shane Eberspacher. OK, I hear you asking "How on earth did Adelaide and Arizona come to be on the same team for Everest?".Quite simple really.  It was cold fingers, low funds and a signature! Everest 2011 I changed my glove system and putting it politely, it didn't work. Cold fingers on the Lhotse face didn't bode well for the summit bid...which as we know didn't eventuate that year....  " - Lynette Trott

Read the full Blog Post HERE.

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