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Back Pain?  Me too.  And let me tell you, its a not an easy fix.  A back brace or low back lumbar support belt is good way to suppress the pain in the short term, but..  Here's the sad reality. Waiting for somethingto fix itself won't make it fix itself. If you want to eliminate your back pain, you need to work on making your back stronger and more flexible. 

Sure, sometimes it's worth it to deal with pain in the short-term via the likes of back braces, but if you truly want to reduce back pain in the long term, you need to work on making your back better.  And there's more than one way of doing that, which is why this advice will help you.

And if you had a surgery and thought that your back problems would never return, that's not true. These kinds of problems love to return. That's why this advice is vital to know.

how to deal with backpain

Heat or Cold Therapy?

If you research on the internet or go to a doctor, you will conclude that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this. You need to choose what you find the most effective. Anthony who’s our founder prefers heat (which is why he developed the FitBack- a battery powered heated back wrap that provides support for the low back). Cold therapy stiffens up his back and is painful for him. When I was dealing with other injuries, on the other hand, I found cold therapy to work better.  Try both and see what works.  It might be both. 

Heat therapy promotes blood flow. Cold therapy, on the other hand, reduces swelling. Both have benefits, but the best choice will depend on whatever feels best for you so try both.

But heat can also be damaging if used wrong. That’s why you should not use self-heating magnetic pads. Doctors and chiropractors will recommend 20 minutes of heat and 20 minutes without heat when using heat as treatment, but those pads won’t turn off and can instead cause damage.  Be sure to consult with your doctor to see what length of time they recommend using for hot and cold therapy.

Why a Back Brace Will Not Fix Your Back

Your muscles should be getting stronger so they can help you deal with your back problems. Your muscles can't get stronger when you wear a brace though. If your back brace is giving you support that your muscles would eventually provide then why would your muscles get stronger?  If you have worn a back brace for long periods of time, it is possible your back muscles have weakened and you will need to strength train.  Before doing so, it is important to talk with your physician so you do not hurt yourself.

When to Wear a Back Brace?

Not wearing a brace is a long-term solution to dealing with back pain but if you want to deal with back pain in the short-term, a brace can help. Perhaps you just injured yourself. Perhaps your pain has flared up. In those kinds of moments, any slight wrong movement can result in you being on the floor. 

A brace can prevent you from wrong movements by preventing you from moving in a certain way. It’s also a reminder not to move in a manner that could be detrimental.  I wear my back brace every time I go snowboarding so that I can restrict certain movements and not injure myself.

But a brace also supports your weak muscles that are not able to support your back. In the long-term, you should focus on improving these muscles, but if the pain is too bad right now, then it’s absolutely okay to use a brace to help your muscles out and to avoid the pain.

Another reason to wear a brace is for posture improvement. And this videowill help you with that. Now, a brace won't fix your posture, but it will help you be in a position that is correct.

Lastly, another reason to wear a back brace if wanting to reduce back pain is that you can adjust the tightness on a back brace meaning that you can compress your back muscles and thus reduce swelling and promote good blood flow which will help you recover much faster and decrease muscle soreness.

Okay, so wearing a back brace can be quite beneficial but not all braces are created equal. Some are better. Some are worse. 

Firstly, of course, a back brace should do everything that a back brace is designed to do. It should help with the pain you might be experiencing and it should improve blood flow while also helping you correct your posture.

But the Anseris HEAT+SUPPORT BACK BRACE also focuses on things that help with healing. With it you can enjoy the soothing heat from a heating area that covers your entire low back which results in increased blood flow that transports more oxygen and nutrients to your muscle, accelerating healing and improving muscle performance. 

Braces aren't perhaps a great longterm solution, but if you have them on, you want to take the most benefits possible, and heat provides that. But heat only works if it's right which is why our device comes with 3 different heating modes that can be turned on and off with a simple press of a button.

We also focus on stabilization by providing four stabilizers which limit the motion of your spine reducing the possibility of an injury while also decreasing your back pain while you are healing.

Of course, not everyone comes in the same size which is why we offer an ergonomic universal fit with dual adjustment, meaning that you can perfectly adjust your brace to your needs. People also sweat and don't want to carry extra weight. We thus offer a lightweight and breathable fabric. 

If you need a brace, try us out. We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our products.

The Benefits of Stretching

Stretching loosens the muscles that are pulling on your spine. Frequent stretching over time can loosen all of the muscles affecting your spine and thus make it easier for your spine to straighten itself out.

The Benefits of Strength Exercises

When you are dealing with back pain, your other muscles are helping you out. For instance, your upper back muscles are helping you out when you have lower back pain.

If you have problems with your lower back, you need to do exercises that will help strengthen your muscles that support your lower back. And same with any other muscles that support your back such as your abs.

But make sure to consult a doctor or a physician about this beforehand. Improper exercise might be doing more harm than good.

Differential Therapy

This method is based on an electrical current passing through your painful areas to increase your blood flow and dull the pain that you might experience.


Getting an adjustment mixed with other methods will cause your spine to re-position itself.


Our bodies consist mostly of water. If you don’t drink enough water, the discs between your vertebrae will be dehydrated. And if your discs are dehydrated, everything already mentioned becomes useless.  If you want to reduce back pain, you need to drink more fluids.


You might try to have great posture while sitting at a desk but our bodies aren’t designed in a way that allows for good posture while sitting. That’s why standing desks are the most optimal when it comes to the right posture.


After years of physical therapy this is what I have come up with.  Go to a physical therapist and make sure you are doing everything correct.  Strength train.  Stretch. Drink lots of water.  Avoid injuries.  Wear a back brace when the pain flares up and to prevent injury.  Use the FitBack HEAT+SUPPORT BACK BRACE to support your muscles in times of need, and use the soothing heat to increase your blood flow and decrease your healing time.  Its time we all had a better back and got back to life!

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