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How you pack & what you pack matters if you want to pack everything in a backpack for your next trip. Great Organization is the difference between you being able to zip your backpack or not. But having a strategy isn't enough. Who are we kidding? Most of us bring items that don't matter. What you bring is just as important.

You can't over pack a laptop. You can't over pack a camera. These items are solid. You aren't going to cut your laptop in half, are you? If you need them, then you needed them. 

Clothing though? That can be controlled, and that's what takes up most of our space. If you learn to control how much space clothing takes, you will be able to pack everything in a backpack for your next trip.

Make a Plan of What You Will Wear

Here's the problem. We don't pack how much we need. We pack how much will fit. Regardless of how much space you have, your backpack or luggage is most likely full or too full. This especially applies to women with 91% of women admitting that they don't wear all of the clothes they bring for travel.

Most of us don't have a plan for what we will wear and bring too much clothing as a result. You don't need most of it. Do you normally switch t-shirts every day? Why would you bring one for every day for a trip so? 


Get a sheet of paper or open up an app for notes on your phone. Write down what you will wear from day 1 to the last day of your trip and bring only the items that you will wear. But look at it from a perspective of "I will wear this shirt on day 1, so I can't wear it on day 2." Look at it from the perspective of outfits. If you bring two pairs of jeans and two pairs of shirts, that's four different looking outfits. You can look different for four days. 

And if you need to clean anything, they have washing machine services in almost every place you will visit. 

By making a plan, you are eliminating bringing clothing that you don't need and won't even use. Something just about everybody does.

Don't Stand out Too Much

That doesn't mean that you can't be stylish. Be stylish. Just don't be too unique.

See this picture? These are great African designs, but the problem with these is that they stand out too much. If you wear one of these for two days in a row, people will notice that. Total uniqueness is noticeable. It catches our attention. On the other side, if you wear a white shirt, the chances are that people won't notice you are wearing the same shirt two days in a row.

Wearing colors that don't stand out will allow you to bring fewer items as you won't be seen as the person that wears the same clothing all the time.

Roll Your Clothing

Your parents probably taught you to fold clothing nicely, huh? Don't do it.

It might save you from wrinkles but you can always iron an item, you can't magically create more space. Rolling your clothing will allow you to fit much more. It makes your clothing much more compact. And quite frankly, taking out rolled clothing is much easier than taking out folded clothing when it comes to backpacks.

If you know that you won't be able to iron your clothing then perhaps invest in wrinkle-free clothing.

Being able to pack everything in a backpack for your next trip would, of course, would come with a cost after all, and wrinkles are that cost.

Bring Thin Clothing but Don't Forget Technology

The thinner your clothing is, the more you can compress it and thus fit more.

It's a lot easier to fit a shirt into a backpack than a coat. And a warm coat can take up your entire backpack even if you try to fold it. 

Look at that picture. The thin coat takes up significantly less space.

But thin clothing only works in the warmer months which is why it's a lot easier to travel then.

Thin and cold don't get along. Not until you introduce technology. 

What if you could have a heater inside of a thin coat that would make you as warm as a warm coat?

That's what the Torch 2.0 Coat Heater does.

Torch 2.0 Coat Heater package

You stick it on to your favorite coat or jacket. You turn it on. It keeps you warm. It's that simple. Oh, and how cozy.

You don't have to bring a big coat to be warm. Or if you do have space, you can bring a warm coat and use it with Torch to be even warmer. That might be a better solution if you intend to stay in a very cold destination.

Torch 2.0 Coat Heater close up power button heat pad

It's the first coat heater of its kind. Coats with built-in heaters were already made, but this one is the first one that can be used on any coat. And it heats up all the way to 135 Fahrenheit or 57 Celsius. But most importantly, it's also safe with proper CE and FCC certifications.

How do you connect it to your coat? You stick Velcro pads to your coat. After that, you simply place on Torch device on the Velcro pads. You turn it on. You get warm. 

Torch 2.0 Coat Heater velcro pad installation kit installs in jackets

Oh, and the best thing is that it's powered by a power bank, so if you are ever running low battery and perhaps have your e-ticket on your phone, you can take out the power back from the pocket in your Torch 2.0 and use it to charge your device.

Torch 2.0 Coat Heater power bank battery

You should also check-out the Heated Gloves, Heated Base Layer and Heated Insoles if you are looking to be extra warm in those areas.

Pack Everything in a Backpack for Your Next Trip If You Apply These

We all have different items to pack. Our lengths of trips differ. A lot of factors differ. But if you apply these tips, you will have much more space than ever before, and you will be able to pack everything in a backpack. That doesn't mean that your backpack will not be fully full. It might just mean that you didn't have to sacrifice something you needed.

Written by Michael Smolski.

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Victor Ajayi
Victor Ajayi

February 19, 2018

Rolling clothing helps for sure!

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