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December 01, 2021 4 min read

Winter is here. If you hate the winter months, you’re not alone. But staying indoors during the most magical time of the year isn’t an option (at least, it shouldn’t be)! Here are six tips to help you stay warm in the cold.

1. Stay Active

If you hate the winter, you might not be a fan of winter sports, but stick with us on this one. The fastest and easiest way to stay warm in the winter is to keep active while outdoors. Your body burns energy when you’re on the move, increasing your body temperature and improving circulation.

Find a winter activity you enjoy, like cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or ice skating. And if sports aren’t your thing, you can still stay warm while on the sidelines. When you start to notice extreme cold in your extremities, get up and move. Even marching in place or doing a few jumping jacks can raise your body temperature enough to stay comfortable.

And if you’re sitting in the stands on a cold, blustery day, keep that backside warm with this heated seat cushion!

2. Cover Your Melon

As kids, we all heard it said that we lose more heat through our heads than anywhere else. Science has largely debunked this myth, but don’t give up that beanie just yet. We don’t lose 50% of our body heat through our heads (as our mothers told us). But we do lose some heat – as much as 10%, according to some studies. Any part of our body that is exposed to the elements will quickly lose heat. Our heads and faces are often uncovered, revealing lots of surface area for the cold winter air.

The less area you expose to the elements, the less heat you’ll lose. Covering your head helps you stay warm, particularly in cold, windy weather. If you hate the winter, try finding a cozy hat. It might be all you need to keep you comfortable while outside this season.

3. Wear Appropriate Clothing

British author Alfred Wainwright famously said:

There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

We couldn’t agree more.

Dress for success before heading outside into the wintery wonderland. Like we mentioned above, exposed skin increases your risk of frostbite and hypothermia. The colder the temperature outdoors, the warmer the clothing you should wear.

Even better, bring the heater with you on the go. That’s right: we’re talking heated apparel. These battery-powered portable heaters keep you toasty, even on the most frigid days. Adding some extra heat to your torso, hands, or feet can raise your core body temperature, keeping you comfortable and protected against the elements.

Who knows? Heated apparel just might make you look forward to those snowy winter days.

4. Be Like an Onion

While we’re on the topic of clothing, let’s talk layers. Staying warm is ideal – but sweat is not. If you are too warm, your body will sweat to reduce your core temperature. When you’re active and moving, perspiration isn’t so bad. But when you stop, that sweat starts to chill in the freezing winter temperatures, drastically reducing your body temperature. Sweat can be disastrous if you’re outside in cold weather for too long.

The key to staying comfortable in cold weather is to minimize sweat but maximize coverage. Layering your clothing allows you to add or remove layers to keep this perfect balance.

Start with a light base layer on your torso and legs. Then, add a thicker long-sleeve layer to your torso, and possibly a thicker pair of pants, depending on how cold it is outside. Finally, you’ll want a waterproof coat and pants, a warm hat, and gloves.

If you start to sweat, remove layers until you are comfortable. Remember, sweat, rain, and snow can all drop your body temperature in a hurry. If you’re sweating, take off layers. If it’s snowing, raining, or sleeting, take off an inner layer, but leave your waterproof jacket and pants. Staying dry means staying warm!

5. Stay Hydrated

When the snow is falling, you might feel anything but thirsty. However, staying hydrated during the winter months is critical to body temperature regulation. Dehydration sneaks up on you in cold weather. Unlike hot summer days, our bodies don’t signal us with extreme thirst. Without this signal, it’s easier to ignore early signs of dehydration, such as fatigue, loss of concentration, headache, and dry mouth or lips.

Believe it or not, staying hydrated can help us stay warm in the cold. Fluids help our bodies remain at a constant temperature. Just as a glass of water outside your body holds its temperature, fluids on the inside of your body act in much the same way. Dehydration increases the risk of hypothermia, which can be deadly.

Proper hydration also regulates blood pressure and helps keep those joints healthy during physical activity. So, go ahead and fill up that water bottle.

Even better? Hydrate with a warm drink, like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Make your first cup non-alcoholic (alcohol is a diuretic and will make you more dehydrated). But the second cup? Go ahead and spice things up a bit.


Not everyone loves the snow. But there are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors in cold weather, even if you hate the winter. Stay dry, stay warm, stay hydrated. And if you need a little help staying warm this winter, we’ve got you covered. Check out the complete line of Anseris heated clothing here.


By Becca Stewart

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