Anseris Heated Base Layer Shirt

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Electric Heated Shirt

Features Include:

️ 2 Enlarged Heating Panels (One on the chest and one on the back)

️ 3 Heat Settings with Push Button Controls

️ Stylish Half Zip Design 

️ Comfortable and Durable Micro-Fleece 

️ Ultra Slim Power Bank with 2x Mobile Charging Capabilities



"A perfect combination of style, functionality and technology"

Stretchy yet durable.  Breathable yet insanely warm.  This base layer can be worn on comfortable autumn days or during the coldest winter chill.

anseris heated base layer shirt size guide


1 Year Warranty on all products, Contact us with any issue and we will fix it!

Package includes one (1) heated base layer shirt, one (1) 5V power bank, and one (1) charger (micro USB to USB cord and USB to standard US plug adapter), instruction manual and your freedom from the cold!

Additional Specs

*Micro-fleece, Half zip design, with collar. 

*1 chest pocket, one side pocket.

* Easily accessible power button on the sleeve

*Added safety features protect from short circuits and hot spots.

*Durable and lightweight construction weighs only 22oz and can withstand all your winter activities

*Includes One Super-Slim Rechargeable 5 Volt, 6,000 mah Lithium Polymer battery

*Included Charger has USB to micro USB cord with a USB wall charger adapter (US standard).

*Charges in 3-4 hours and lasts for up to 500 charges.

*Has proper CE and FCC certifications.

*Heat Setting Temperatures (Degrees in Fahrenheit)

    -High 120°-135° - 3-4 Hours of Use

    -Med 110°-120° - 4-5 Hours of Use

    -Low 100°-110° - 5-6 Hours of Use

*Enjoy Winter- Hunting, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, running, ice fishing, whatever you like to do outdoors

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