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Anseris Heated Product Warranty:

All Anseris products come with a 1 Year limited warranty that cover malfunctions due to manufacturing defects. This includes the battery, charger and heating elements. If you have a warranty claim, please contact us at
support@anseris.com or through the website at  www.anseris.com or on the  Contact Form.

This warranty does not cover third party repairs, rips, scratches, tears, cracks, or any other deterioration caused by wear and tear or exposure. It also does not cover damage caused by accident, abuse or improper cleaning or care.

Product replacement is at the discretion of Friction Gear LLC.

Friction Gear LLC. shall not be liable for any damages directly or indirectly related to Torch heated garments including without limitation to any damages or injury to persons or property occurring while anyone is wearing an Anseris heated garment.