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Installing Your Torch Coat heater

Each Package includes one battery, one wall charger for the battery, the Torch coat heater™, and each installation kit consists of three adhesive backed Velcro pads. Please read all the installation instructions before you begin.

Step 1: Unpeel

Select a coat compatible with Torch. It is important that the adhesive has a smooth surface to stick to.  Polyester type linings work the best while fuzzy liners like fleece may not adhere adequately.

Step 2: Stick

Locate the ideal location of each Velcro pad by physically placing Torch in the coat to see where it fits. The ideal locations on the inside of your coat are shown below, leaving a minimum of a 2” gap between the strap of Torch and the armhole of your coat.

Step 3: Place

Unpeel the Velcro patches and place inside the coat. Do this for all 3 adhesive backed Velcro pads.

Be careful to keep the adhesive free from dirt and debris. Place the adhesive Velcro pad in the desired location. Make sure it is lined up with the seams of the coat or any other patterns so the Velcro pads look even. Gently place the Velcro pad on the coat liner, before pressing on the pad make sure the liner is flat by spreading it with your hands. Then press firmly on the Velcro pad, making sure that each edge adheres adequately to the coat liner.

Note: The adhesive on the back of the Velcro takes 24 hours to reach maximum strength. Do not pull on the Velcro during this period.

Step 4 - Place the Torch Coat Heater™ inside your coat, connecting the newly installed Velcro pads to the corresponding Velcro patches on the Torch Coat Heater™.

Step 5 - Connect the battery to the wire.



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