Permanent Installation Kits

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Each set comes with 2 installation kits (6 pads, or 2 per kit).  These Velcro pads are the thinnest and softest Velcro available.  The adhesive was specially designed by the Velcro Brand to adhere to fabrics. These are the perfect solution to a wide range of coat liners. 

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installation kit

Installing these Velcro Installation kits is easy.  Follow these instructions to get the best results.

1. Select a Jacket

Select a jacket you wish to make into a heated jacket with the Torch Coat Heater.

*Permanent Installation Kits-  With the permanent Velcro pads it is still important to select a jacket with a smooth lining as this will adhere best.  The adhesive will likely stick to linings that are less smooth.  these pads are not meant to be removed and fully washable.

*Semi-Permanent Installation Kits-  It is important to select a jacket with a smooth lining, and these pads are less likely to adhere to a fuzzy surface.  These pads can easily be removed when they are no longer needed in the jacket.

*Watch the installation video above, in the product description.

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