REVOLT II Heated Gloves

Size Guide

Features Include:

 ️ Up to 6 hours of Heat

 ️ Full Hand Heating- Including Your Finger Tips!

 ️ 3 Heat Settings

 ️ Touch Screen Capabilities that Work!

 ️  Water Resistant Materials

 ️ 14 Features to Keep the Heat in and Elements Out


Revolt against the cold with the REVOLT II Heated Gloves and go further than you ever thought possible, with warm happy hands.


Unmatched Versatility

The Revolt Series heated gloves were designed to keep your hands toasty warm and protected from the elements.  The Revolt II Gloves have been upgraded with an ergonomic design, touch screen capabilities and unmatched versatility.  Take these gloves snowboarding, skiing, hiking, fishing or on your daily commute.  These gloves bring the heat, with dexterity and versatility to keep you going no matter where the adventure takes you.

High-Tech. Effective. Durable.

Full hand heating that will kick any cold in the butt, unmatched screen grab capabilities and a breathable, water resistant shell are just a few of the features that make these gloves a top pick for surviving the winter.

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Additional Specifications

*Full-hand heating to keep your hands nice and toasty

*Three heat settings with LED indicator lights:

    -Low/Blue = 5-6 hours of heat

    -Medium/White = 4-5 hours of heat

    -High/Red =3-4 hours of heat

*Water Resistant and breathable

*Includes 2 rechargeable, 7.4V, 2200mah batteries (one for each glove)

*Includes one dual charger — to charge both batteries simultaneously

*Charge indicator LEDs: Red = Charging, Green = Fully Charged

*Charge time: 3-4 hours

*Unisex Black design

*Available in Small, Medium and Large

*Size guide (measure width across your knuckles):

    S: 3-3.5'' (7.5-9cm)

    M: 3.5-4'' (9-10cm)

    L: 4-4.5'' (10-11.5cm)

*Hand wash only (remove batteries first), hang dry

*Comes with a Standard US charger

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1 Year Warranty on all products, Contact us with any issue and we will fix it!

Package Includes one pair of Revolt II Heated Gloves, two batteries (one for each glove), one dual charger (to charge both batteries at the same time) a product manual and your freedom from the cold.

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