Semi- Permanent Velcro Installation Kits

These installation kits were designed with the timid user in mind that may not want a permanent pad placed in their coat.  Each package comes with 2 installation kits (6 pads, 3 pads per kit) so you can install your Torch Coat heater in 2 additional jackets.  These pads can be removed from your jacket.

View Installation Instructions:

installation kit

Installing these Velcro Installation kits is easy.  Follow these instructions to get the best results.

1. Select a Jacket

Select a jacket you wish to make into a heated jacket with the Torch Coat Heater.

*Permanent Installation Kits-  With the permanent Velcro pads it is still important to select a jacket with a smooth lining as this will adhere best.  The adhesive will likely stick to linings that are less smooth.  these pads are not meant to be removed and fully washable.

*Semi-Permanent Installation Kits-  It is important to select a jacket with a smooth lining, and these pads are less likely to adhere to a fuzzy surface.  These pads can easily be removed when they are no longer needed in the jacket.

*Watch the installation video above, in the product description.

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