September 17, 2020 3 min read

Heated Insoles vs. Heated Socks

When it comes to keeping your feet warm, we will do almost anything to avoid that bone chilling misery of cold feet. 

We’ve all had plenty of winter activities cut short due to cold toes and now that we know battery powered heated socks and battery powered heated insoles exist, it's a thing of the past. 

But what’s the better option?  To answer that question, we put together a simple pros and cons list.

Heated Insoles:

anseris battery powered heated insoles with remote control and charger


  • Battery powered

    • Most heated insoles are battery powered, and here’s a tip- don’t buy anything that is powered by AA batteries, they’re cheap and will frustrate you. Our Outrek 2 heated insoles have the battery built into the heel, it is super thin and surrounded by foam so it is comfortable to stand on, and will not get wet. 
  • Rechargeable

    • Our Outrek 2 Heated Insoles come with a dual charger so you can charge both insoles at the same time, with the same charger.
  • Do not need to be washed

    • When it comes to heated clothing, the less you have to wash it, the longer it will last. 
  • Cut to fit in any shoe or boot.

    • This means they have the same versatility as heated socks, and can be used in any shoe or boot.
  • Remote Controlled

    • Our heated insoles come with a convenient remote control so you can turn the heat on and off or adjust the heat with a simple press of a button.


  • May not fit in tight shoes or boots. The insoles are just a little thicker than a normal boot insole, so if your boots are really tight, the insoles will make them feel even tighter.

    Heated Socks:


    • Battery powered

      • Again, all heated socks will be battery powered, but don’t buy any powered by AA batteries. We have not had any good experiences with those.
    • Heating Element may cover top of toes (check before you buy)

      • This is great if your feet are even more susceptible to the cold than others.
    • Can be used in tight boots

      • Heated socks are basically just as thick as a winter style sock, so if you have really tight boots, they will not add any thickness.


    • Need to be washed after every use

      • Socks are one of those garments that absolutely need to be washed after every use, and unfortunately washing heated clothing is going to deteriorate them. 
    • The battery is placed at the top of the sock

      • Some may see this as a pro compared to a battery being in the heel of the insole, but we put this in the con list because when our socks fall down because of a heavy battery, and bunch up in our socks it’s super uncomfortable.
    • Adjusting the temperature may be difficult

      • We put this as a con because most heated socks have the power button on the sock, so it’s a struggle to find the power button and adjust the heat. Some may have a remote control, but you will have to look for that.


    In conclusion, we tried our best to make this as unbiased as possible because as you can tell, we sell the heated insoles and not heated socks, but this was a calculated decision.  We found that the heated insoles provided more than enough heat and can last for many seasons to come because you never have to wash them.  We are currently developing heated socks that can withstand over 100 washes, but unfortunately they just don’t exist on the market yet.

    If you would like to purchase or view our Outrek 2 Heated Insoles you can do so here:

    Shop Outrek 2 Battery Powered Heated Insoles

    If you are interested in Heated Socks, we are more than happy to refer you to one of our competitors, who we think have made the most reliable heated sock.  You can purchase those here:

    Venture Heated Products


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