September 11, 2020 3 min read

You leave your home and are freezing. You eventually enter a shop to find yourself boiling in your own clothes.

That's probably why you want to know how to never be too hot or too cold regardless of where you are. Especially in winter where temperature differs tremendously between outdoors and indoors. So much that you bring your warmest clothes which will keep you warm outside but will make you suffer inside. So how to never be too hot or too cold? 

Have Heated Clothing

Wearing clothes that keep you warm when you are in a cold zone works. Wearing clothes that keep you warm when you are in an already warm zone doesn't work though. You overheat. 

What do you do when you overheat? You strip. You literally take off all the clothing and often ruin your style just so that you don't sweat.

Never be cold or warm by layering your clothes

You might do that before you go into a building or into a car or you might find out the hard way when you already start sweating.

So what does heated clothing do? It allows you to control how cold or hot you are. How does it do it? As heated clothing produces heat which is not the case with traditional clothing that merely traps air between your skin and the fabric.

Heated clothing is powered by electricity, and no, you aren't getting electric shots that are frying your body, don't worry.

It consists of a power source that then provides an electric current that then heats up tiny wires that are sewn into the fabric of the heated clothing. These tiny wires heat up as a result of that electric current.

That's great but how does that help you never be too cold or too hot? As heated clothing don't provide a constant level of warmth that warm clothing does. Heated clothing only keeps you warm as long as it's on. Once you turn it off, heated clothing cools down. That way you can stay warm when you are cold, and once you start to get too hot, you can cool down by turning it off or adjusting the temperature like you can with the Torch 2.0 Coat Heater which provides you with 3 different heating modes so that you always just feel right.

Torch 2.0

Heated clothing will keep you warm, but it will also make your life easier. Instead of looking 10 times bigger than you actually are, you can minimize the layers that you are wearing by simply providing heat. After all, Torch 2.0 heats up all the way up to 135°F or 57°C.

But why would you wear just one coat at all times in order to stay warm? And why would you have to wear a certain style to feel warm? It doesn't make sense. Especially in a world where people care about expressing their personality via style. And that's the problem with heated clothing. Should you never be too hot or too cold or should you look good? Most people will choose to look good.

Well, Torch 2.0 is the world's first removable coat heater meaning that you can put it on any coat that you like rather than having to use a special coat that heats up. And it's simple to attach. All you need is a Velcro pad.

Velcro pad heated clothing

Never Be Too Hot or Too Cold Regardless of Where You Are

The simplest way? To wear a warm enough coat for winter and to then take it off before going into a building followed by putting it on before leaving. That's very inconvenient. You have to carry the coat. You have to stop to take it off. Using a device like Torch 2.0 allows you to adjust how you want to feel with a simple press of the button.

Written by Michael Smolski.


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