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Featuring the World's First Universal Coat Heater

The winter is approaching fast which means it’s that time to start picking out some new gear.  If you are here, I can assume you have been checking out heated jackets and haven’t quite found the one for you.

(If you are not sure what heated apparel is, or if you are curious how it works, check out our guide to heated apparel here.)

Buying a coat can be stressful with all the options, but buying a heated jacket can be just as stressful with the lack of options and high price tags. 

If you are like me, you will end buying a coat that looks great, but doesn’t have all the features you want.  The last jacket I bought was a Burton Snowboarding jacket, and it is a great jacket, but the one thing I wanted that it didn’t have was heat pads and a button to toggle the heat on and off. 

As of now there is not one heated snowboarding jacket on the market, but they are easy to make.

What you need to turn your jacket into a battery operated heated jacket

This is where we come in, the first thing you need is one of our universal coat heaters, known as the Torch Coat Heater.

The Torch Coat Heater comes equipped with Velcro Installation kits that allow you to install your coat heater in a matter of seconds.  All you have to do is peel and stick the pads into your coat.  Check the easy installation instructions in our video here.



Next pick out your favorite jacket.  If you want a heated snowboard jacket, buy the best snowboard jacket for you.  Want a heated suit coat?  Go for it.  A heated down jacket, a heated pea coat, heated anything, it’s up to you.

For this example, we picked one of our favorite jackets.

Transforming your North Face Thermoball Down Jacket, into a Heated Jacket

The Thermoball down jacket is super thin so it can be worn comfortably in warmer temperatures but with the Primaloft synthetic down insulation it is great for colder conditions and for keeping the heat in. 

One thing to keep in mind is that, yes, the installation takes seconds, but the adhesive on the pads take about 24 hours to cure, so it’s best to wait this period out. 


Inside view of North Face Women's thermoball down jacket with torch coat heated jacket installed

Once the pads are installed, just attach your Torch Coat Heater, turn it on and Veolia! Heated North Face jacket!


That's about all you need to transform any jacket into a battery powered heated jacket.

I know, you thought this guide was going to be more complicated and 10 pages longer.  But it really is that simple. 

If you are interested in more heated clothing feel free to check out our new Heated Insoles, our new Heated Gloves or our all new Heated Base Layer Shirt.


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Darlene Dixon-Belmont
Darlene Dixon-Belmont

December 12, 2017

Very interesting. Did not know this existed. Need to purchase for my husband, an Electrician for Local 3. Works in New York City in newly commercial buildings.

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