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June 02, 2020 3 min read

7 Alternative Winter Sports

Change It Up with These Alternatives to Skiing and Snowboarding

by James De Roche

Heading to the slopes is always a good time. But sometimes it’s nice to change things up and try new winter activities. Whether you’re just not into skiing and snowboarding or you’re just looking for something new, there are lots of different winter sports out there. And these 7 alternative winter activities are sure to keep things fresh and exhilarating during the colder months.


1.      Dog Sledding

A far cry from the casual, pleasant stroll in a horse-drawn sleigh, dog sledding is an adrenaline-packed alternative winter sport that will get your heart racing. Many dog sled companies let you control the sled, too. That means you’ll have to lean, twist and push to get the sled going where it needs to go. You’ll feel the adrenaline rush as you cruise through fresh powered with the wind in your face. Just be sure to stay warm.

 dog sledding with heated jacket


2.      Ice Climbing

For those seeking more thrills, check out ice climbing. If you’ve never done it before, you’ll want to start at a place like Ouray Ice Park. This park offers various ice obstacles for adventures to climb that range from beginner to advanced. They don’t rent out equipment though, so make sure you pick up your crampons and ice picks before heading to the park. And grab a pair of heated gloves to keep your hands warm as you make your way over the frozen surfaces towards the top.

 ice climbing


3.      Ice Skating

For those with a little more balance, ice skating is a great time. An older and quite popular winter sport, you’ll find ice rinks in many cities. Whether outdoors or inside, you’ll watch the hours quickly pass as you zip over frozen surfaces with a cool breeze in your face and music in your ears.

 ice skating heated gear


4.      Fat Bike Tiring

Biking over the snow isn’t as crazy as you’d think. With fat bike tires, you can move across expansive snow landscapes with ease, provided the powder isn’t too fresh. Their noticeably huge tires provide extra traction to get your bike moving over the packed snow. As the sport continues to gain popularity, there are more and more places to try fat tire biking. Nervous? Don’t be. If you know how to ride a bike, you can easily add fat tire biking to your list of winter activities.


 fat tie biking with heated apparel

5.      Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is pretty straightforward and a lot of fun. Many of the major ski slopes offer snow tubing as a safer, less skilled winter sport for people looking to get out on the slopes and get a bit of a thrill. Essentially, you slide quickly down hills, tracks, and slides on a blown-up sled. You don’t need lessons or gear, making it a cheaper option too. And with a heated base layer shirt to keep you warm, you’ll be going for run after run in comfort.

 snow tubing with heated apparel


6.      Snowmobiling

For those with a larger budget when it comes to snow sports, you can rent snowmobiles at nearly any ski resort across the nation. And these snow ATVs combine truly beautiful locations with the thrill of cruising at high speeds, slashing and carving your way through the snowscapes.

 snowmobiling with heated gear


7.      Snowshoeing

As the saying goes, if you can walk, you can snowshoe. For this winter sport, you don’t need a helmet. Simply grab snowshoes and head out into the wilderness. Many winter resorts offer great snowshoeing trails, but you can always go off the beaten path and explore the wilderness on your own. Just remember to bring a heated jacket to keep you warm.


 snow shoeing heated apparel

Grab Heated Apparel for More Winter Fun

The list of winter sports keeps growing and growing as people fight through the colder weather to get out there and enjoy the fusion of beauty and snow-covered landscapes. Don’t let the cold slow you down this winter. Try adding a torch coat heater to your jacket to keep you comfortably warm for 4 – 6 hours during any winter sport.


And with gloves, base layer shirts, and heated insoles, you have access to plenty of options for heated clothes to keep you warm. Visit our store to find out more about how our heated clothing can keep you toasty during whichever winter activity you choose.  

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